Sometimes a combination is so darn perfect, it appears to be an easy task to convince somebody of our commitment to design and producing quality work.

If we were asked to boil down our work to its fundamental components we will probably go for this:


"Revel in the craft that´s gone into it. Be it handmade digitalism or just simple things in life that make us inordinately happy".


Therefore we´re confident that our line-up will slake your creative hunger. Unafraid to to use technologies such as animation, 3d-printing, cinematography & craftsmanship, we´re aimed to produce more powerful & atmospheric stuff.


Delights of post-youth excitement don´t come easy. We´ve found the taste of bare bones a difficult one to master. Incredibly complex regarding research and development, we always remind ourselves that "someone´s got to do it".

So just embrace our tunnel of work, get lost & enjoy the ride!



Our products are limited art objects, individually crafted and not intended to be mass-produced. Nor are they intended for any criminal-related abuse!

In any case of sheer need, you´re welcome to contact us for possible inquiries. Relying on our experience, diverse ideas and a strong team of collaborators, we´re open to welcome your needs.



Yours BTTB / Berlin


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